twitter schoolbus experiment

the more i say it, the more i like the sound of “twitter schoolbus.” it gives the impression that we’re all learning about this process together.

here’s my day 1 review (and if it fails, it will be called the twitter short bus):

  • followed everyone i was following on my jazzs3quence and our arcanepalette twitter accounts
  • followed a few more people who came a long or that i thought of
  • tweeted a few times, but keeping it pretty generic and mostly links and retweets
  • dropped the twitter rocket bomb once (i was amused having seen a google search referral to my site for “‘twitter rocket’ torrent”)

at the end of the day, i had (as of 11:15 mst) 119 followers and was following 357 tweeps. considering @jazzs3quence has 114 followers (granted, i don’t try to get followers very hard) and @arcanepalette has 186, i see 119 followers in one day a pretty big step in the right direction. (as of this morning, i have 151 followers. not bad for a day’s work.)

over the next few weeks i’m going to push this twitter account more than @jazzs3quence, and mostly keep that just for the stuff i read and keep up on.  @jazzs3quence will always be there, and will probably be more me, but it will also be more like my “personal” account, whereas @teh_s3quence is more the professional side. sort of. obviously (given the username i chose) it won’t be that professional.

i’m also going to work on a twitter wallpaper. eventually.


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