Free June Calendar Wallpaper: Spacecat!

I was working on an esoteric website design when I stumbled across this awesome cat.  So, obviously we needed to put this cat in space, right?  Am I right? This wallpaper has a little bit of everything for texture lovers, sci-fi geeks and fans of surrealism.  But the star of the wallpaper is, of course, the cat, with an expression that says “don’t make me hurt you.”  The wallpaper is presented in standard, widescreen, iPhone and iPad sizes under a Creative Commons License in the following resolutions:





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Street Art by BEST | EVER

BEST | EVER is a street art duo from Bournemouth, England.  Their work combines surrealism with photorealism and addresses issues of human frailty, weakness, disease and death.  As you can imagine, the art of BEST | EVER transcends simple graffiti with their hauntingly beautiful images.  The subversive act of applying paint to public surfaces forces you to consider that some art is too important to be confined to stuffy and claustrophobic gallery spaces.

You can see more of BEST | EVER’s work on their website or their Flickr photo stream.  You can learn more about them in this interview or follow their Tumblog.


2e6c0a0ecb51c9d67263485a1713294d Street Art by BEST | EVERChris Reynolds is one half of Arcane Palette. He has a personal blog, jazzsequence, where he writes about music, technology and social media and shares links, videos, and posts various personal music and writing projects.