Random Song of the Day #0

art by Amanda Dolan

The first of anything is always depressing.  If you never continue with whatever it is, that #1 is just staring at you, taunting.  So, I had this idea of doing a “random song of the day” thinking that it would be pretty cool, be a way to share the music I love and what I’m listening to on any given day, and possibly get me doing stuff on my blog more.  But just in case I never do this ever again, I’m not making this seminal post the 1st post…instead, it is the 0th post — that way, if I end up getting bored with it, or too busy, or whatever lame excuse I come up with, I won’t have that #1 staring at me.

I’ve been going through all my discs and ripping them…again.  Re-ripping in many cases.  The first time around, moderately concerned about space, I only grabbed the tracks I “liked” and skipped whole albums.  This time, I’m re-ripping all the incomplete albums and ripping any albums I didn’t get the first time.  Why?  Because I can see the end of physical manifestations of music.  I might not like it, but digital is going to be the direction of almost all forms of media, and, as such, I want to make sure I have digital copies of all the physical stuff I own.

Therefore, this track of the day comes from the A section, a sweet b-side from the bootlegged Tori Amos collection Over the Pink.


teh s3quence 009: lilah’s mix


a new tradition i’m starting this year is to make mix cds for each of the kids every year.  i did one for G a couple months ago, and decided when i finally made lilah’s that i would post it here on teh s3quence.  so, here it is:

01 morphine, the night
02 poe, hello
03 bjork, big-time sensuality
04 imogen heap, clear the area
05 elastica, connection
06 eisley, combinations
07 fleetwood mac, go your own way
08 the killers, everything will be alright
09 pop tarts, girlie pop
10 no doubt, just a girl
11 they might be giants, clap your hands
12 the 5, 6, 7, 8s, woo hoo
13 blondie, hanging on the telephone
14 the b-52s, love shack
15 garbage, only happy when it rains
16 no doubt/bounty killer, girls got the bass in the back
17 alice deejay, the lonely one
18 ayumi hamasaki, moments
19 bt, blue skies (feat. tori amos)
20 ayumi hamasaki, i’m your little butterfly
21 ben folds, gracie


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(side notes: track 01 is a special song because it’s about a “little girl” named lilah, and it played in my head when we were coming up with names.  track 21 is a song ben folds wrote for/about his daughter.  “still fighting it” on rockin’ the suburbs was written about/for his son.)