Search Engine Optimized breadcrumbs

I had a need to build some search engine optimized breadcrumbs for a project I’m working on right now.  I didn’t want to just use Yoast’s breadcrumbs, because I’m using Twitter Bootstrap, and I wanted to make use of the built-in breadcrumbs support, so I did a Google, found something, tweaked it and am using it on this project.  I wanted it to support both page and blog post hierarchy, the original source did not support page hierarchy, just post categories.  Everything works automagically, all you need to do is use the seo_breadcrumbs() php function.

Here are some screenshots of it in action:

Breadcrumbs in a post, when a page has been set for blog posts (other than the Home page)

Breadcrumbs in a post, when no page has been set for blog posts (default Reading setting)

Breadcrumbs in a page, when the page has a parent

Breadcrumbs in a page, when there is no parent page

Here’s the code:

Use Alfred to set up a WordPress theme based on _s and Twitter Bootstrap

I said a long time ago that I would never use another theme framework now that I have Museum Core.  Well, unfortunately for me, WordCamp SLC — particularly the presentations of Jake Spurlock, George Ortiz and Patrick Cox, as well as working on the theme which was based on _s — changed my mind on that.  I now think that the best solution for jumpstarting a new theme project is a combination of Twitter Bootstrap and _s.

But this post isn’t about what makes those two frameworks awesome (you can read about that on their respective sites, or just Google _s and Twitter Bootstrap for awesomesause).  I just wanted to share a quick Alfred extension I made that will setup a WordPress theme based on the _s theme framework that also loads Twitter Bootstrap assets into your theme’s directory.  Note: this doesn’t enqueue any of the styles or javascript.  I may add that later.  For now, this just sets up the directories and pulls the latest versions of each framework from their GitHub repositories.  It will also initialize a Git repo if you want to use Git for version control for your theme.  (Note for the uninitiated: Alfred Extensions require the Powerpack.)

Download the extension