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  • Valentine’s Day Mixtape

    Today I went to Everyone’s Mixtape and made a Valentine’s Day mixtape for my wonderful, amazing, inspiring wife and partner of 11 years.

  • Love is all you need

    This quilting inspired Blogger template is full of sweet and heart  just in time for Valentines Day (and any other day you want a little pink on your blog).  It incorporates fabric textures and stitching along with pretty and colorful patterns to celebrate V-day. Dress up your blog in this sweet and inviting expression of… (read…

  • for valentine’s day

    as today is yesterday was valentine’s day, and also, coincidentally for some, the traditional day of rest and reaffirming their faith in their chosen higher deity, i thought it would be appropriate to take a minute to ponder the origin of the holiday.  partially, this was influenced by @KarinaAllrich‘s tweet earlier today that “Valentine’s Day…