what do you do with a kangaroo?

“What do you do with a Kangaroo who jumps in your window, sits on your bed, and says, ‘I never sleep on wrinkled sheets, so change them now and make them smooth, and fluff up the pillows if you please’ What do you do?” there’s an old book by mercer mayer, before he did the… Continue reading what do you do with a kangaroo?

Web Design Cost Calculator

class=”aligncenter” there are a few of these floating around on the web… a few months ago, smashing magazine posted an article called Quality-Price-Ratio in Web Design (Pricing Design Work).  i’m not going to recap the article, you can go over there and read it yourself if you’re interested — it’s a good read both, i… Continue reading Web Design Cost Calculator

jazzsequence.com redesign

i’ve been thinking of redesigning jazzsequence.com.  i love this design, i do, and it was a huge project to design, since much of it was written by hand, but i’ve been thinking of ways to monetize the site, if possible, and this layout isn’t very conducive to that.  it’s a good blog layout, and if… Continue reading jazzsequence.com redesign

127 things i hate about designer blogs

so, i’m really, really starting to get tired of the xx things you should ____ blog posts.  like, really f’ing tired.  usually they’re things like 22 ways to make twitter work for you or 18 tricks to monetize your blog or, if you’re a designer, 43 grunge textures or 29 photoshop brushes and vectors.  the last straw for me came tonight… Continue reading 127 things i hate about designer blogs

Welcome to the world of freelancing . . .

class=”aligncenter” Welcome to the world of freelancing:  one week we’re struggling, with no projects on the horizon.  Reality chose that week for my monitor of 8 years to finally die, and I’ve been using the MacBook for designing since (which isn’t ideal since the color isn’t as good and changes depending on what angle the… Continue reading Welcome to the world of freelancing . . .

simplifying things, cutting off painful extremities

so last week, erin and i decided to cut off iFreelance for good.  we’ve gotten a good run on Elance and we’ve only really gotten 1 fix-it job on iFreelance, the interface isn’t as good, the support and payment isn’t as easy (for either party) or well developed, and the jobs are fewer and tend… Continue reading simplifying things, cutting off painful extremities

thinktank makeover, jazzsequence network

verily it was decided that it was time for a makeover of the thinktank site.  this came down from on high because we went to some other web designers’ sites and realized most, if not all, our contemporaries tended to be a lot more conservative in their presentation on their own website.  now, this seems… Continue reading thinktank makeover, jazzsequence network