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  • Human for a year

    Human for a year

    I celebrated my 1 year anniversary with Human Made a few months ago. I wrote up a review for our company P2 but realized I haven’t said much over here. The following is a slightly edited version of that one year recap. Last year, the Monday following Thanksgiving was my first official day as a…

  • Hacking WordPress Search for Fun and Profit!

    I wrote a blog post for WebDevStudios that’s kind of based on my WordCamp SLC presentation I just gave. (You can also check out the slides for that, if you want.) Hacking WordPress Search for Fun and Profit!

  • I’m speaking at WCSLC

    I’m presenting again at WordCamp SLC. This time on internationalization in WordPress, something fresh on my mind from having just finished my last Pluralsight course on the same topic.

  • WordCamp San Francisco 2013

    This year I went to WordCamp San Francisco. I didn’t take any pictures, but here’s one found on the WP Armchair stream where you can sort of make out my bald head. You can tell it’s me ’cause the water bottle. This isn’t going to be an exhaustive post. I’m glad I went but (and…

  • WordPress and the GPL, round two

    This seems to happen every couple years. Something will come up, and suddenly the WordPress blogosphere is suddenly all a-Twitter (pun intended) about GPL-related issues. This time around, though, it isn’t an outright disregard for or ambivalence toward WordPress and the GPL, there are actual, seemingly good intentions involved, and unwilling participants caught in the crossfire, which…

  • Hey girl… @whyisjake @ #wcslc

  • WordCamp Salt Lake City 2012

    I managed to become one of the organizers for WordCamp SLC 2012.  As such, here’s the obligatory announcement post.  If you have any questions about WordCamp SLC, feel free to let me know. September 22 is WordCamp SLC 2012.

  • WordCamp SLC 2011 presentation video

    The video for my presentation at WordCamp SLC this year has now been posted on WordPress.tv. Check it out here or head over to WordPress.tv and vote on how great the presentation is.

  • WordPress Theme Development 101: Theme-ing for Everyone

    My presentation from WordCamp SLC is now posted to WordPress.tv. The embed is below, if you head over there, you can vote and say how awesome you think my presentation is.

  • WordCamp SLC 2011 afterthoughts

    Saturday was WordCamp SLC 2011.  My second WordCamp.  My first time speaking in any sort of formal context.  I thought I’d take a few minutes to review the experience. Friday night was a special dinner for speakers/sponsors, so I got to schmooze with some of the presenters which included other folks like me — freelancers…