excuse me, when does the emperor show up & where are the prizes?

so after spending most of the weekend and most of the day yesterday playing Guild Wars for the in game Dragon Festival, i find myself wondering why i was not getting points for driving well to see fireworks last night, and looking around for Grasps of Insanity to attack.

you know you need a break when….

it turns out Gavin really likes fireworks. he was very excited to see the exploding “color stars” (which is what we were calling them in sign language because we don’t know the sign for fireworks), and especially enjoyed the grand finale with lots of exploding stuff. we were far enough away that the booms didn’t rattle our rib cages — any closer and we thought it might scare baby G. he didn’t seem bothered, tho, from the distance we were at so it was fun.

erin and i have this horrible stomach thing going on that makes us look at any kind of non-bland foods in fear. so that’s obnoxious.

recent downloads that are on my current ampache playlist that are suprisingly good are:
Murder by Death
Lydia Lunch
The Magnetic Fields

i already knew the Magnetic Fields were good, but i never quite realized just how good. stephen merritt is like a cross between nick cave, kraftwerk, his name is alive and johnny cash. and i expected good things from Lydia Lunch from the track that’s on the Blair Witch cd, but she’s really hard to find. Murder By Death was a big suprise tho, especially since I expected that to be like My Chemical Romance, all punky and radio-playlisty, and instead it was more like Radiohead.

oh, and we made three new screens for tshirts and did some more tests yesterday. the screens came out really well this time around, although they’re backwards (or, alternately *not* backwards when they should be), so that’s obnoxious. we’re getting stuck on the amount of pressure and paint to apply and are planning to order an actual kit/press/thing and some clamps that holds the shirt and the screen in place when you’re printing.




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