new releases: thom yorke and cut chemist
Thom Yorke
The Eraser

The Eraser, Thom Yorke’s first solo album, is a pleasant surprise, an intensely focused set of nine songs that are predominantly electronic. It’s as close to a version of Radiohead minus four of its members as one can imagine, sounding nothing like the stray-idea patchwork expected by some cynics.

Indie Electronic, Experimental Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock

i’ve been listening to this for the past week or so because i found a pre-release torrent and this is really very good. somewhat like some later Radiohead, but also very unique. i expected it to be much more Amnesiac than it ended up being. very solid, very good album. it’s been on my ampache playlist for a while now. definately a buyer.
Cut Chemist
The Audience’s Listening
Warner Bros.
Turntablism, Underground Rap






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