new releases: ani difranco, sigur ros

this sounds interesting:
Comets On Fire
Sub Pop
Comets On Fire move a step further into the deep garage psychedelic mindset with Avatar. The guitar freakouts are all there, but the songs are more pronounced and more focused. It’s obvious the band has been taking in lots of Jefferson Airplane, early Quicksilver Messenger Service and Blue Cheer while walking the edge of their truly individual identity. This is the sound of your mind on volume.

Noise-Rock, Space Rock, Neo-Psychedelia, Indie Rock
Sigur Ros
Ani Difranco
Righteous Babe
Alternative Folk, Singer/Songwriter, Urban Folk, Anti-Folk

i think i’m retiring the shoutcast station. it’s been a good run but there’s not that many listeners on a regular basis and i’ve switched to using ampache and i like that personally better. it has a lot of the features i wanted initially when starting out with shoutcast, like customizing playlists, in fact, that’s pretty much all it does. shoutcast might come back later when i have a standalone server, but for now, it’s gonne go buh bye. anyone who really misses it, email me or comment here with a working email address and i can hook you up with an account on the ampache site.






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