glimmer of hope?

was talking with my friend at work who also uses ubuntu who had the following things to add:

  • i should be able to mount my root filesystem as root while booted off the live cd.

  • he has a SB Live card as well as onboard sound and has never had issues, however, he disables the onboard sound in bios before booting up with the card — could be part of the problem (or at least the original problem)

  • i don’t have network access from the command line when i do boot off the hard drive. however, i should be able to go into my apt sources.list and enable the cd as a source for packages and reinstall GDM from there if i don’t have network connectivity.

of course, if all else fails i’ll be trying to move my /home directory over to my other partition and reinstalling, then moving it back (assuming there’s room. i’m not sure how big my /home directory is nowdays, and i backed up 90+ gb of the mp3s on the server to that drive when i was having issues with that. i could of course just dump all that and back it up again later if that was necessary…).

anyway, no one probably cares/understands any of this and mostly i’m just talking to myself to vent and also to note my progress/ideas so i can go back to them if i forget, but yeah. i’m still really pissed and frustrated and the stupid ubuntu support doc said “many users have reported that this step breaks gdm” and i should have known better….mike says “don’t mess with ALSA” (the linux sound system) and, uh, yeah, getting that….




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