rpm: we do not have liftoff

so doing this project this month, this year, was a no-go. i got one track finished and a bass loop for another track that was 2/3 done (would’ve needed another loop i think, and then just put together) and 2 other half-finished tracks and that’s about as far as i got. also included in this is that somehow being out of town for 4 days didn’t seem likely to be an issue at the beginning of the month. lastly, i was only really able to work on stuff during the hours that gavin was awake at night and we were waiting for him to be tired enough to go back to sleep, or the times where we were giving him 25-30 minutes before trying to head back into the bedroom to go back to sleep ourselves, and i guess he did better in that regard this month than previous. so, nay. no rpm cd this year. maybe next year. i will probably try to finish the track that’s mostly done at some point and pop it onto the ampache catalog. i’m gonna do that with “NKII,” too.







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