new page — recipes

i put up a new page for all of our recipes. my idea is that we have one central place for everything (since we have a lot of random sheets of paper with printed recipes from various websites/blogs). the first step being putting up all the GF recipes we’ve acquired and/or tweaked so a) we have a place for us and b) there’s a place for other ppl (like family or whatever) so ppl know what we can eat (or what gavin can eat, anyway). we’ve vaguely talked about how we should write a cookbook with all the recipes we’ve modded to make them GF that actually work (because a lot of recipes, even ones that are supposed to be gluten-free, don’t work when we actually make them). that might not (probably won’t) ever happen, but this might be the next best thing.

anyway, the new page is here: recipes (there’s also a new link on the sidebar)


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