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i put up a new page for all of our recipes. my idea is that we have one central place for everything (since we have a lot of random sheets of paper with printed recipes from various websites/blogs). the first step being putting up all the GF recipes we’ve acquired and/or tweaked so a) we have a place for us and b) there’s a place for other ppl (like family or whatever) so ppl know what we can eat (or what gavin can eat, anyway). we’ve vaguely talked about how we should write a cookbook with all the recipes we’ve modded to make them GF that actually work (because a lot of recipes, even ones that are supposed to be gluten-free, don’t work when we actually make them). that might not (probably won’t) ever happen, but this might be the next best thing.

anyway, the new page is here: recipes (there’s also a new link on the sidebar)






4 responses to “new page — recipes”

  1. Tara Avatar

    Where are the peanut butter cookies?????

  2. jazzs3quence Avatar

    they're coming. don't worry.

  3. Tara Avatar

    Where are the peanut butter cookies?????

  4. jazzs3quence Avatar

    they’re coming. don’t worry.

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