thinktank makeover, jazzsequence network

verily it was decided that it was time for a makeover of the thinktank site.  this came down from on high because we went to some other web designers’ sites and realized most, if not all, our contemporaries tended to be a lot more conservative in their presentation on their own website.  now, this seems… Continue reading thinktank makeover, jazzsequence network

site update

it’s been a long time coming, i finally updated the blog design. i’ve done a couple custom wordpress themes for thinktank clients now, and it was about time i did one for myself. it’s not really anything new, although the banner is totally new. but the css was recoded by hand. the overall design is… Continue reading site update

jazzsequence subdomains and revised error pages

so i configured some (more) virtual hosts in apache and redid my custom error pages.  the error pages got reset after apache got updated recently, so i had to redo them.  you can see a 403 forbidden error here and a 404 not found error here. and i also set up the following subdomains:… Continue reading jazzsequence subdomains and revised error pages

saul williams / post-vasectomy / possible future blogproject

i blogged yesterday about saul williams’ new album, but as trent says on, unlike radiohead, his is not a household name (yet).  saul williams is an amazing black performance poet.  he’s possibly best known for his anti-bush rant, “not in my name” or, alternately, he was in the independent film slam (or so wikipedia… Continue reading saul williams / post-vasectomy / possible future blogproject

music in the digital revolution / web design project / virtual hosts / wish lists

at the bottom of my site you will see a new flash widget thing.  it’s a promo for the new Saul Williams album which was done with Trent Reznor and is supposedly the next chapter in the Year Zero saga.  or at least supplementary material.  Trent said a couple weeks ago on his blog that… Continue reading music in the digital revolution / web design project / virtual hosts / wish lists

new gallery

i completely redid my gallery page on jazzsequence. rather than using a coppermine php gallery you login to, i made it more generic and homemade but probably more accessible and much easier to add pictures to (since i pretty much just dump them where i would normally and the gallery will see the new pictures… Continue reading new gallery

finally live

my first site with heritage is finally live. or at least approved and out of my hands. it was a really frustrating process and then i was waiting for 2 days for her to approve the site so it would go live, and lost my bonus as a result. i’m hoping every project is not… Continue reading finally live

first site…

so the way it works is that i create a photoshop document (psd) of the web site i’ve been assigned to based on the content given to me and a “design interview” (di) with the customer.  the psd is basically what the site will eventually look like when all the html and css coding is… Continue reading first site…