remixing nin has posted that trent will be releasing all of year zero to the public for remixing. so far he’s got “survivalism” (only in garageband format) and now added “capital g,” “me, i’m not,” and “my violent heart” into the mix, all of these having .wav files for the rest of us non-osx-ers. i d/l’d the “survivalism” garageband file to see what it entailed and it’s mostly .aif files, which i’m pretty sure i can mess with in linux, so i decided i’m going to take a crack at remixing trent.

my copy of year zero is still on the way (this fact disappoints me a great deal, and makes me think i should’ve amazon’d it after all, rather than trying the lala store, after all), and i think i will probably wait to work on this stuff until i listen to the album. still, it’s a fun idea, and i like remixing. much better/easier than music making.

as an interesting side note, the .wav versions of the tracks he’s released are bit torrents posted on thepiratebay. woo!

p.s. i need to get some better emotes…:/

p.p.s.  done!







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