server update, part deux

ssh – check
ftp – check
forums – check (no upgrade to phpbb3-RC1, however…apparently they don’t have an upgrade script from a previous beta release…and i tried just dumping the new files on top of the old ones and got a sql error…then again, there were other things going on so i might try that again later…but for now, it ain’t broke…)
mysql – check
mp3s/files – samba is being a pain in my ass. if i need to copy something from the backup server in addition to what’s already transferring (the mp3s) it kills the file transfer. this is the reason the mp3s didn’t transfer to begin with, and, i realized, i didn’t get all of the other stuff from the /files dir — missing a lot actually…
other – need to get GD working for CAPTCHA…but i think i just need to move the module into the php extensions dir. also, there’s weird characters on my blog…i don’t mind cuz it’s kind of neat, but it is annoying…

edit:  fixed the WP thing…apparently it’s a bug with the header and there’s a couple other ppl that had the same experience after a restore…






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