server update

ssh – check (was actually easier than i expected…)
ftp – needs help. installed vsftpd, but i’m missing something, possibly need to assign users to the ftp group or something. looking at pureftpd right now, bc it seems easier to set up. with ssh set up, though, i can do this stuff remotely as opposed to having to be in front of the box
mp3s – not all of them transfered. samba broke sometime in the middle of the copying process, possibly to do with trying to install feisty while copying stuff. had to umount and mount the samba share again and continue where i left off. that’s going now.
mysql – had some issues with the generic debian user for scripts and stuff — that has been taken care of after i fixed the cnf and put in the same password that user used before. that was also holding up the feisty upgrade.
forums – are broken for some reason. not sure why because everything else works, but i suspect it might have to do with the php upgrade associated with feisty, and a little message box i got asking if i wanted to keep my existing php.ini file or use a new one (and i said keep the old one). however, there’s a new release candidate of phpbb3, so i figure i’ll upgrade to that, then see if it’s still broken. also, copying my original php.ini file is an option (altho that would still be the old version of the file).

mail and mpd/icecast are still down the road. need to get the infrastructure up first. however, ampache users will be happy to know that ampache is working — sort of. because the mp3s are still transferring, there’s a lot of “could not connect” type errors to some files, but on a large enough (random) playlist and with the majority of things, it works fine.






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