so what have i been up to…

before the page was updated, this blog wasn’t seeing much action.  what have i been doing?  well there’s the gavin.  there’s the we’re having another baby soon and the wow, we’ve been married 5 years thing.  i’ve made several ampache themes.  i’ve started a new World of Darkness forum game, and i’ve been learning about ARGs, in particular Year Zero — which is based on the new NIN album.  i’ve been unofficially (or possibly officially) demoted at work from a Tier 2 IT Operations Analyst II to a Tier 2 Technical Analyst I, because in reviewing the current salaries and comparing them to market values, they realized that they weren’t paying us enough for an analyst II position, and didn’t want to pay us what we should be making already.

that pretty much  sums it up, i think.  i’m enjoying the new ubuntu 7.04 desktop effects and i have a redundancy system in place for the server (with battery backup and networked storage).  oh, and i’ve been busy playing The Movies and we got the new Heroes of Might and Magic V which erin and i have been playing.  there, that’s what i’ve been up to.


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