so.  i went for, and was offered a freelance position for heritage web solutions.  they build custom web pages for people/organizations, have lots of work, were hiring, and are local.  i’m doing freelance because it will be an easier transition, one i can do while keeping my current job (at least for a while) and i can work from home.  and i have the potential (depending on how fast i can crank out html) to make lots of cash doing it.  even if it wasn’t something i like doing (and hacking html is something i like doing), working from home and getting paid for it is what i’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  i’m way excited about this too-good-to-be-true opportunity, and i’m waiting for the other shoe to drop.

among other things, if this works out, it will mean

  • i’m in a better general, overall mood on a regular basis :)
  • i will have more time (read: time at all) to work on other creative projects
  • i can be with my family
  • it won’t matter where i am physically located
  • i can finally get to work on that personal fortune (ok that’s wishful thinking)

it will also mean, if i do this for full time and quit my day job (and don’t get a PT job w/benefits) that i will be on my own for insurance, but i worked out the math…if i do as much work as they say a lot of other people are able to do, that….won’t be a problem.

stay tuned, there might be some hardcore excitement in jazzsequence-land.

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