server uploading issues

the jazzsequence server (actually, the connection) is having problems completing file transfers.  it seems it gets to a certain point in the upload and it just drops off.  i have a suspicion that it’s either something with my modem, or — which is my hunch — heavy bit torrent transactions for the last week and a half to two weeks capped my downloading quota (set by comcast — which i do know they do).  if it’s the latter, the issue should go away at the end of the month.  if it’s a problem with the modem i need a firmware upgrade which isn’t readily available on d-link’s website, which means contacting customer support for it, which i should do also just to be sure.

what this means is the link to the nin remix i posted yesterday won’t send the whole file. :/
so probably hold off on downloading it if you wanted it for a while.  i can probably email a copy if anyone ever reads this and actually wants one.

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