a guy in a hat kills another guy in a hat, 2000

so this is the short film tess and i made.  it’s been sitting on a cd-rom since 2000, and i realize now that the cd-rom is beginning to show signs of age.  i always meant to post it to the internets for people to see, but…yeah, it’s only about 7 years late.  the story behind this is that tess and i were bored late one night and decided “let’s make an action movie.”  that’s it.  there was no script, no choreography, no planning, all the shots were totally improvisational and most were done in one take.  we didn’t care about continuity errors, the goal was just to make a movie as quickly as possible, and have fun, and if it made some sense, well all the better.  it helped that we didn’t really have a plot to speak of.  just one guy is chasing another guy.  tess has since done a few more of these and developed a whole system to approach it (along with a spiffy name).  this is what started it all.







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