chrome: simplifying the web

in other news of simplifying things, google chrome…

i have been a firefox=aholic for a good long while.  way back in the beginnings of the internet, i wasn’t ever totally satisfied with internet explorer, and netscape was always too bloated, so i tried every browser i could get my hands on.  i settled on opera for a long, long time — mozilla always seemed to embody the bad things of netscape — until i got introduced to firefox.  now there’s google chrome and it changes everything.

i knew google was working on something, saw a couple of hits from “chrome” in my analytics and thought that it was a new beta mozilla browser (the folder that contains application and user data in firefox — as well as the mozilla browser, i believe — is chrome), but it wasn’t until i saw some mention of google chrome in wired and slashdot and various other tech blogs.  of course i installed it — i like google gadgets, a google browser?  sure, i’m game.  i went to look for more information and found this: a web comic by scott mccloud that talks about how chrome is different.  one of the important differences is that each tab is a separate process.  so if one tab gets hung, your whole browser doesn’t suck up all your resources and kill your computer — and if it starts to, you can kill that tab and then you’re fixed.  chrome apparently (and i haven’t tested this yet because i haven’t gotten a stuck process or memory leak) identifies the bad tab to inform you which one is causing the problem.  or you can open the chrome task manager and find out who’s hogging the resources.

the downside is just that there aren’t many plugins yet, including the ever-necessary web developer tools.  but that’s okay, because i’d need to check in ff (and ie) for compatibility anyway.  check out the new chrome browser here.






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