all part of my elaborate plan…

extra extra

update on the twitter fireball scam i wrote about yesterday.

apparently twitter fireball was just an elaborate april fool’s day joke.

riiiiiiight.  it’s really too bad i only took a partial screenshot of the site and didn’t get the PayPal button at the bottom of the page.  alas, it’s too late now as the copy has been hastily rewritten and the domain has had a robots.txt file added to prevent search engines from spidering the site and thus allowing people to look at old versions of the page via search engine cache.

luckily, i don’t go down that easy, and i’m still smarter and faster than ashley.  because the joke’s still on you (or, more accurately, your band): if Twitter Fireball was such a joke, why does Enormous say they are actively using it?

nice try, sir.  what will it be next time?  Twitter Galaxy?  Twitter Spaceship?  Twitter Comet?  Twitter Supernova?

april fool’s right back atcha.





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