whatever happened to…

Remember that 10000in24 Twitter account from a while back?  There was the big reveal on Upstart Blogger about what a sham it was that he was going to “create” a Twitter account that acquired 10,000+ followers and then he’d “giv…

Google America

If you were to take a poll today of approval ratings for Barack Obama, I can guarantee that the number of supporters in this country of our President is far surpassed by the number of people who use Google services on a daily basis. How did this happen?  How did we become so complacent?  How… Continue reading Google America

all part of my elaborate plan…

extra extra update on the twitter fireball scam i wrote about yesterday. apparently twitter fireball was just an elaborate april fool’s day joke. riiiiiiight.  it’s really too bad i only took a partial screenshot of the site and didn’t get the PayPal button at the bottom of the page.  alas, it’s too late now as… Continue reading all part of my elaborate plan…

f*** you, clown. f*** you

it kind of makes me belligerently angry when people try to make money at someone else’s expense.  it could be argued that this describes all commerce, but it’s a different thing when the methods used to make said money involve deception, fake product reviews and false advertising.  (you could say that microsoft is guilty of all… Continue reading f*** you, clown. f*** you

Caution: Beware of Fireballs

are there any regular readers out there?  anyone who might know about the whole upstart blogger and twitter/genesis rocket debacle?  a few?  well, good.  if not, check the archives for a refresher. the short story is that over the last year i followed, became entangled with, and then uncovered all sorts of unsavory things about… Continue reading Caution: Beware of Fireballs

Clive Thompson in Praise of Online Obscurity | Magazine

Clive Thompson in Praise of Online Obscurity | Magazine. Wired mag article on the benefits of not having tens of thousands of followers on Twitter.  It’s interesting to see these articles, posts, and reviews cropping up now.  This time last year, it was all about amassing the biggest following on Twitter that you could, but… Continue reading Clive Thompson in Praise of Online Obscurity | Magazine

stirring up trouble on twitter

are all the new Upstart Blogger authors just Ashley Morgan in disguise?  if so, the latest post seems like a cry for help.  i thought i’d stir up some trouble and call the author’s true identity into question. i’m not convinced.  are you? here’s the link to the post: http://bit.ly/7brCik

lightning never strikes twice. unless you’re a spammer.

they say that lightning never strikes the same place twice.  that’s a good thing, because if you happened to be an idiot out in a lightning storm holding a weather vane in an open field unlucky enough to get hit once (and walk away),  you probably wouldn’t want to be the guy out in a lightning… Continue reading lightning never strikes twice. unless you’re a spammer.