Buh-bye to Wave

In a long line of “wow that’s not really a surprise at all”‘s, Google has dropped (or is dropping, or is no longer actively developing at any rate) Wave. Cause of death: lack of user adoption. In a blog post today, Google announced that, while they still think Wave is awesome, everyone else didn’t immediately agree, so they’re calling it in.

Now my guess is it’ll be integrated into something else. ChromeOS perhaps? A standalone messenger? Upgrade to Gtalk? But I can’t say I’m surprised. As Mashable points out, there was a tremendous buzz that dwindled almost immediately after the official release as everyone collectively scratched their heads and said “wtf?” Some people (notably the guys at Fantasy Brewmasters) made good use of it, but on the whole, Wave was underwhelming. I do hope to see the live writing thing make a comeback. Here’s hoping…





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