Daily Post…well, not really…

In an effort to get more people blogging more frequently, our pals at WordPress have launched a new campaign called DailyPost.  The challenge is simple, post every day (or at least once a week) in 2011.  Because I like torturing myself with ridiculous rules and projects, I am hereby signing up.  However, I’m not even going to attempt the post a day thing, because I really don’t think I’d have the time for it.  And, to me, a post isn’t a link or an aside or something I threw on my tumblr feed or even the random song of the day thing-o I started.  A post is a post.  Maybe just a paragraph, but a post.  To help us non-blogging folks out, DailyPost is going to be posting some inspirational topics (or something) which I’ve duly subscribed to, so there may be some prompted posts that get published here, something I’ve mostly avoided in the past except for my brief stint with plimpy or plinky or whatever that daily topic inspiration site was called (ed. note: it’s plinky).

So there it is.  I’m probably doomed to fail, but it might be interesting to watch me try to keep a real blog.





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