How fast your server is really does make a difference

If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen me tweet this: Just moved my site and OH HOLY CHRIST THIS @bluehost VPS IS FAST! cc @MikeHansenMe — Chris {now on DMsGuild! ?} #blm (@jazzs3quence) January 26, 2015 Here’s how that came to be. I wrote a post last week. You may have seen… Continue reading How fast your server is really does make a difference

Do we really need comments anymore?

Once upon a time, comments were king. The number of comments you got on a post not only represented the conversation surrounding that post but also measured its impact. This inevitably led to ways of gaming the system — spammers used comments to implant their backlinks to their black market viagra sites, and would-be and/or… Continue reading Do we really need comments anymore?

2012 review and resolutions for 2013

I don’t tend to do these resolutions posts because resolution posts are things you do when you can’t set your own goals and feel the need to announce publicly something you plan on doing to act as an impetus for actually doing it (by shaming you into doing it since it’s out in the public). But… Continue reading 2012 review and resolutions for 2013

Post a Week 2011: Blogging year in review

This year, I participated in’s Post a Week Challenge.  Well, how’d I do? I was using Joost de Valk‘s Blog Metrics plugin, but that only tells you how you’re doing overall and how you’ve done in the last 30 days and, while I could have logged how many posts there were on January 1… Continue reading Post a Week 2011: Blogging year in review


Mark’s blog (my blogging buddy for postaday/postaweek) got over 1,000 pageviews on his blogging buddy post which was featured on Freshly Pressed (the front page of I’d like to be excited for him, but having seen this sort of meteoric rise in traffic on a single post in the past (one that’s actually not… Continue reading Jaded

[postaday2011] Why did you start?

Most of the postaday prompts have been, in my opinion, pretty much crap.  Not that I expected otherwise, especially since Automattic acquired Plinky and most of them are coming from Plinky (and you might recall me mentioning that I quit Plinky a while ago).  But today’s warranted a response, I think… What made you decide… Continue reading [postaday2011] Why did you start?

Blogging buddy

A couple of days ago, the Daily Post blog (that which intends to egg, nag, and otherwise encourage those brave souls who are trying to take part in the postaday/postaweek thing) did a post on “blogging buddies.” Basically, if you’re doing it with someone else, you’re theoretically more able to actually go through with whatever… Continue reading Blogging buddy

Daily Post…well, not really…

In an effort to get more people blogging more frequently, our pals at WordPress have launched a new campaign called DailyPost.  The challenge is simple, post every day (or at least once a week) in 2011.  Because I like torturing myself with ridiculous rules and projects, I am hereby signing up.  However, I’m not even… Continue reading Daily Post…well, not really…