[RPM2011] 30%

The latest update is that I’m 3/10ths of the way through the soundtrack.  I’ll be there for minutes long before I get all the tracks down (especially after this weekend), but what I’m happier about is that I got 3 new leitmotifs in that I’ll be using later in the game (for Blomkvist, Harriet & Vangar, respectively, all neatly packaged in a 3 minute intro song called “Incentive”).  The video below, however, is me working on the second song on Friday and Saturday.  That one was originally slated to be three separate tracks — so if we’re going by numbers, I’ve actually got 5 of 12 — but I decided to combine them into one epic piece that is roughly split into three inter-relating movements.  I’m planning on releasing the last bit as a “radio edit” because I like it so much.  The 3-part series deals with the 2 sexual attacks on Lisbeth and her subsequent revenge, so I use a couple of leitmotifs for Bjurman (her guardian and assailant) which return in the last bit, altered.  I also have an instrument in the last movement which is meant to represent a tattoo needle.

So it’s going along fairly well.  I looked at the calendar and if I’m only making music on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and get one track done each day, I’ll still have more than enough time to finish my RPM album.  But I’m not strictly just recording on Friday – Sunday, so I’m hoping I’ll be done early with some time leftover to do some collaborations if people get back to me.  This is the first time I’ve shared my music in a less-than-finished form to Erin and she’s been able to provide some critique that’s been useful to the process.  Some of it has just been echoing stuff I was already thinking, but she’s also suggested some ideas I might not have got to on my own, so I’m pretty excited about that, also.  All in all, I’m happy with this experiment this year and find myself moving into new, unexplored territory in composition and arranging.  To the point that I’m actually using the words “composition” and “arrangement” and “movements”.  I mean, sheesh.



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