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  • teh s3quence – 011 – #BassLove4Japan

    I’ve been meaning to make a s3quence mix that had stuff from #RPM2011, but I was waiting until I had a chance to listen to more of the stuff that came out of it.  Then the earthquake/tsunami in Japan happened.  Looking at these pictures is mind-blowing, as is the constant threat of nuclear radiation for…

  • [RPM2011] Reflections on my 3rd completed RPM album

    You can listen to my completed album at: http://alonetone.com/jazzsequence/pla… or the Blind Chaos track at: http://alonetone.com/blindchaos/track… Go to http://jazzsequence.bandcamp.com (after 3/1/2011) to download the album in high quality format(s) with full liner notes & artwork

  • [RPM2011] Seeing how the other half lives

    What I learned about making music for the RPM Challenge this week.

  • [RPM2011] Valentine’s Day update

    As of today I’m slightly more than halfway through my RPM album and the second half seems like it should be pretty much a breeze since all the leitmotifs should be done.

  • [RPM2011] 30%

    The latest update is that I’m 3/10ths of the way through the soundtrack.  I’ll be there for minutes long before I get all the tracks down (especially after this weekend), but what I’m happier about is that I got 3 new leitmotifs in that I’ll be using later in the game (for Blomkvist, Harriet &…

  • [RPM2011] first song, Lisbeth

    This song is mostly done.  I think if I get a chance before the end of the month I’m going to adjust the levels on the drum kit…

  • [RPM2011] It’s February 1. I’m going to make an album cover

    Lucky thing I already figured out what my album cover for RPM2011 would be. This is a quick screencast of my cover-making process.  The music is my remix of @artfulmark’s Coffee Break.

  • A History of Bedroom Music Production — Part Three

    So this is the third and final part chronicling the evolution of my music.  What started out as a fascination with synthesizers largely due to the shallow(er) learning curve turned into an avid interest in electronic and computer-generated music.  Ironically, digging into the history of electronic music sent me in the opposite direction, towards more…

  • [RPM2011] Tracklist

    What I don’t mention in this video blog (but I did on my blog on The RPM Challenge) is that I’ve also decided on a title for the album, Wasp.  You can head over there if you want the full description, I’m too lazy to repost something I’ve already written here. Also, an interesting thing…

  • A History of Bedroom Music Production — Part 2

    RPM2011 is 9 days away and it seems appropriate to finish this retrospective series before RPM starts.  Part 1 of this series covered the early beginnings of my interest in music up through high school and eventually turning to the computer as a means for producing and recording music.  Part 2 will cover how that…