Top 10 Things That Would Have Been Better Than a Korn/Skrillex Collaboration

I’m not sure how I went so long without realizing this existed.  However, now that I do, I can’t un-listen.  Here is the promotional video of the new Korn/Skrillex single followed by the top 10 things that would have been better than releasing this horror onto the world.

10 – A Skrillex song (without Korn)

9 – A Korn song (without Skrillex)

8 – A Gloria Gaynor/Skrillex collaboration

7 – David Bowie doing dubsteb (or attempting to)

6 – Stabbing a Bic pen in my ears

5 – An unreleased Michael Jackson song from the early 80s

4 – Electronic musicians who don’t make music that goes “wah wah-wah wah wah”

3 – A Raygun Girls/jazzsequence collaboration (shameless plug)

2 – That new Thom Yorke song

1 – Anything





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