jazzsequence reviewed in Salt Lake City Weekly

WASPREMIX is featured in the local weekly newspaper, Salt Lake City Weekly among a collection of other local, underground artists. We’d like to thank @GavinsUndrgrnd for featuring jazzsequence. An exerpt is below, be sure to head over here for the full article.

Reynolds has been putting out releases for nearly five years under the [jazzsequence] moniker but hasn’t really received the kind of exposure you’d think he’d get from fans or even community radio shows catered to the genre. Earlier this year he released third full-length album Wasp, and has now followed up that album with an EP titled WASPREMIX. As you may have gathered from the title, the six tracks are remixes of songs from the main album. If you’re into the genre I strongly suggest you check out more of his work, which you can listen to and purchase off his Bandcamp site.