…and we’re off!

So this is my first Kickstarter project.  I’m super excited to be doing this and I’m possibly most excited about some of the reward options, like having people contribute something to the album.  I sort of see the final product as being a bit like an audio collage, and I plan on trolling through freesound.org for some source material as well.

But most of the rewards offered are just my ideas.  I tried to come up with stuff that would be interesting and wouldn’t add more overhead (as much as I’d like to fly one of you guys out to see a performance that would, uh, add flight costs which, you know, I don’t have) — so things like physical copies of the album — which I’ve pretty much resolutely decided are outdated 99.9% of the time (unless you’re old fashioned like me) — aren’t being offered since that would require an additional cost to get the album printed onto CD or vinyl or whatever.  Not that I’m not open to that, but, you know, I could offer CD-R copies, but that’s not the same thing — if I’m going to do it, I want to do it right, which means actually going through a print-on-demand company or having some kind of small batch done.

So, what are your ideas?  Do you have any other ideas of things that would be thematic to the project that would be good rewards?  Let’s hear your feedback.  I’m planning on adding rewards as we go, so give me your input!