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  • Bitcoin mining: a huge waste of time?

    Bitcoin mining: a huge waste of time?

    I admit. I got sucked in. I read the glowing article in last month’s Wired about bitcoin. Thus far, I’ve been pretty oblivious. Future of currency, blah blah blah, whatever. The way it’s been built on open source software is interesting, though, the value is, of course, appealing, and that there are more PayPal-like services to…

  • The Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming

    Some good reminders in here for devs and people in general. Things every dev needs to be thinking about (myself included). Coding Horror: The Ten Commandments of Egoless Programming.

  • Raising Rates

    This quote from today’s Clients From Hell newsletter is a lot like what I posted about last week: Clients will often claim that they can get a man in Malaysia at one-tenth your price point, or that there’s a fresh-faced kid who’s hungry for your work. They’re not wrong, but they are short-sighted. That kid…

  • Two things you pay for when you hire a developer

    No matter what else you may pay for when you hire a developer, you will always be paying for these two things: 1) Their time. Every developer I know is busy, including myself. That means, in order for something to be good enough for them to stop whatever else it is that they are working…

  • Use Bootswatch themes with Museum Core to “skin” your site

    I did a writeup on Museum Themes on how to use Bootstrap 3 themes with Museum Core (which this site uses) to get new “skins” for the Core theme. Note: I wouldn’t have even thought of this if it wasn’t for Shawn Wildermuth‘s Bootstrap 3 course on Pluralsight. If you want to check it out, I…

  • Social Networks Are Making Us Lonely – JacksGap

    Social Networks Are Making Us Lonely – JacksGap.

  • New Pluralsight Course: User Roles & Capabilities in WordPress

    I’ll tell you a secret: up until a few months ago, user roles and permissions in WordPress were a vast, unexplored land of confusing terms (capabilities and — gasp — meta capabilities) and complex relationships. I didn’t know much, but I did know that if you were playing with new user roles or capabilities and messed up…

  • Function Reference/register taxonomy for object type « WordPress Codex

    New favorite WordPress function: register_taxonomy_for_object_type(). Associate an existing taxonomy with an existing post type. Function Reference/register taxonomy for object type « WordPress Codex.

  • This just in: Mashable op-ed states the obvious

    In a ridiculous, duh-inducing article, author Chris Taylor explains how Apple doesn’t make money on apps because their product focus is in hardware. *crickets* This profound insight should surprise exactly no one as anyone who has observed Apple anytime in the last 10 years or so, or — as the author pointed out — pretty…

  • Longtime BitTorrent search engine, isoHunt closing its doors

    Bowing out from isoHunt isoHunt was one of the longest running torrent-related sites. Unlike other sites, isoHunt previously evaded lawsuits by never actually hosting any torrent files, instead aggregating links from various external sites and serving as a search engine.