A while ago I wrote about slowing down.  What could be slower than a few days camping in the desert?  No internet, the phones died our second night there, nothing to actively distract or divert.  In my last post, I wrote that I hoped the process of slowing down my internet (and media) consumption would spark some creative juices.  Well, this post is to say that it worked.

While we were there, I started developing an idea for a story unlike any other story I’ve ever tried to write.  I’ve always written contemporary, urban fiction or else sci-fi tinged stories — this would be a fantasy story/novel/whatever.  I have a lot of ideas going into it that are unlike anything I’ve ever seen in most fiction, let alone fantasy stories.  And it features a character I know I can write about because it’s based on someone about as near and dear to me as anyone can be without being me — my wife.  It’s still pretty rough, and I’m just getting started, but I’m pretty excited and I’ve been making it a point to write at least a little each day.

On a related note, here’s another article about the Slow Web movement, courtesy of @photomatt’s blog.  The Slow Web, Jack Cheng.

Programmatic poetry

I was working on a WordPress plugin today that will allow users/developers to stop a javascript from running on a particular page.  That doesn’t sound very exciting, but it got me thinking about the WordPress adage “code is poetry”.  (Blame this on my recent initiative for going slow — I had this idea when I… Continue reading Programmatic poetry

Post a Week 2011: Blogging year in review

This year, I participated in WordPress.com’s Post a Week Challenge.  Well, how’d I do? I was using Joost de Valk‘s Blog Metrics plugin, but that only tells you how you’re doing overall and how you’ve done in the last 30 days and, while I could have logged how many posts there were on January 1… Continue reading Post a Week 2011: Blogging year in review

A note on details…

A couple of years ago I found a book, The Illuminati by Larry Burkett.  I picked it up at a garage sale or a library book sale or maybe it was just lying out on the street.  It’s worn, heavily water-damaged, somewhat mildew-y and I thought that I would read it, you know, eventually.  I grabbed… Continue reading A note on details…

rise above

[audio:RiseAbove.mp3] so i had this long post all ready to run based on some stuff i discovered through clicking around a certain blogger’s twitter feed.  it became the fictionalized story of two like-minded neophyte bloggers who came to the blogging world from an altogether different online world — the online porn industry.  they both had similar… Continue reading rise above