Create a 16:9 widescreen image for the novel 'Are You Awake', accurately depicting the main characters in the virtual world of DreamSpace. Lorelei Hawthorne, the protagonist, is a senior software engineer with a contemplative expression and short hair, reflecting her focused and pragmatic nature. She is shown in a state of inner conflict, torn between her work responsibilities and her curiosity about the virtual world. Beside her, Liz Bennet, a young femme lesbian developer with long hair and a stylish attire, is portrayed with a longing expression, indicative of her desire for a relationship with Lorelei. Include representations of AI characters, especially Nova, to symbolize Lorelei's engagement with DreamSpace. The setting is a surreal technofantasy landscape, embodying the novel's themes of technology, magic, and romance. The image should capture the emotional dynamics and potential romantic tension between Lorelei and Liz, set against the backdrop of the novel's fantastical world. sent me

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Well, not actually. But he did post this, and I figured, since I drafted and then scrapped a long Thread about where I ended December with regards to the novel I am writing, I figured this would be a good excuse to write a blog about it instead.

So, where am I?

I didn’t hit the goal I had sort of set for myself to get the draft to 50k words for December. However, for the December Drafting challenge, the goal was just to write ~150 words/day (which I did; even if we account for the one or two days where I didn’t write anything at all, I more than made up for the difference on other days). I left the month at 46k words, which isn’t far off from my goal.

What’s more, I feel like the story has turned the corner and is in the escalation phase, where all the shit starts going down. I think this next section will be easier to write and require less exposition. I’m pretty happy about that.

Where am I going?

I don’t think it’s overly ambitious at this point to have a goal for 2024 to finish the draft and start the revision/rewrite process. And I don’t think it’s overly ambitious to think that I should be able to do that within 12 months. And since I already did some early research, I don’t even think it’s particularly overly ambitious to suggest that by the end of the year, I might have a finished product, in a form that people can consume and perhaps purchase. I’m going to lower my expectations a bit and just say that I want a relatively clean copy that can be shared by the end of the year, with a stretch goal of self-publishing the final product.

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