A while ago I wrote about slowing down.  What could be slower than a few days camping in the desert?  No internet, the phones died our second night there, nothing to actively distract or divert.  In my last post, I wrote that I hoped the process of slowing down my internet (and media) consumption would spark some creative juices.  Well, this post is to say that it worked.

While we were there, I started developing an idea for a story unlike any other story I’ve ever tried to write.  I’ve always written contemporary, urban fiction or else sci-fi tinged stories — this would be a fantasy story/novel/whatever.  I have a lot of ideas going into it that are unlike anything I’ve ever seen in most fiction, let alone fantasy stories.  And it features a character I know I can write about because it’s based on someone about as near and dear to me as anyone can be without being me — my wife.  It’s still pretty rough, and I’m just getting started, but I’m pretty excited and I’ve been making it a point to write at least a little each day.

On a related note, here’s another article about the Slow Web movement, courtesy of @photomatt’s blog.  The Slow Web, Jack Cheng.

Post a Week 2011: Blogging year in review

This year, I participated in WordPress.com’s Post a Week Challenge.  Well, how’d I do? I was using Joost de Valk‘s Blog Metrics plugin, but that only tells you how you’re doing overall and how you’ve done in the last 30 days and, while I could have logged how many posts there were on January 1… Continue reading Post a Week 2011: Blogging year in review

A note on details…

A couple of years ago I found a book, The Illuminati by Larry Burkett.  I picked it up at a garage sale or a library book sale or maybe it was just lying out on the street.  It’s worn, heavily water-damaged, somewhat mildew-y and I thought that I would read it, you know, eventually.  I grabbed… Continue reading A note on details…


One of the things that has been occupying my time the last couple weeks was my grandfather’s funeral, which was last Tuesday.  We drove out to California, visited family and got preparations ready, had a rosary (I’m a recovering Catholic) and then the funeral the next day.  I wrote a thing for the funeral, and… Continue reading Grandpa

rise above

[audio:RiseAbove.mp3] so i had this long post all ready to run based on some stuff i discovered through clicking around a certain blogger’s twitter feed.  it became the fictionalized story of two like-minded neophyte bloggers who came to the blogging world from an altogether different online world — the online porn industry.  they both had similar… Continue reading rise above


so there’s a couple people in the world that know that i’m writing again.  something big.  and something that won’t end up another unfinished project that sits in my sidebar and stares at me.  it goes like this: erin reads the twilight series.  we netflix the first movie.  i am reminded of what i like about vampire… Continue reading writing