face training

the kids have been working on their faces i don’t remember what this was supposed to be, but what it actually is is gavin saying okay mom and dad, that’s enough now similarly, i think this was intended to be grumpy but came across more confused…

tickets, please

as per usual, the kids have been sick.  so imagine my surprise last night when, rather than unhappy wailing, i suddenly heard rambunctious giggling and laughter from the other room the kids were exchanging tickets (puzzle pieces) for a chance to ride on the slide (large armchair) this was being done as a solo activity […]

a pirate and a bumblebee

last year on halloween, we got a monkey suit for gavin because he was really into monkeys.  but he wasn’t into the suit so much.  (at least, not on halloween.  later, he was more than happy to run around as a monkey.)  i wanted to get a gorilla suit to encourage him to jump in […]

capitol reef and lilah’s birthday

we took a camping trip to southern utah’s capitol reef last weekend.  i posted some pics to flickr and on my blog, but here’s the kids highlights.  it was great fun, and the campsite had a couple fruit orchards that the kids, especially gavin, loved.  also, the orchards were great for attracting a family of […]