A new take on digital music

There hasn’t been much on this blog of late.  That’s primarily because, in the topsy-turvy world of Upstart Blogger/Ashley Morgan, there hasn’t been much going on.  Sure I could comment on the 4 different name changes his “record label” has gone through in the past year, or the numerous twists and turns of his Twitter […]

A slow day?

For those that haven’t noticed it yet, upstartblogger.com has taken yet another turn. Remember the old tagline of the site?  If you don’t, I’ll remind you: Successful blogging made simple. As it turns out, successful blogging just isn’t simple.  There’s all these acronyms you need to know about, like HTTP — what the hell is […]

whatever happened to…

Remember that 10000in24 Twitter account from a while back?  There was the big reveal on Upstart Blogger about what a sham it was that he was going to “create” a Twitter account that acquired 10,000+ followers and then he’d “give it away” to the first person who grabbed it?  And remember how — you saw […]

Back to his old tricks

Disclaimer: Geez, guys…if I realized I was going to inadvertently earn the ire of a nation of Stay at Home Babe fans, I might have thought a moment before I wrote that I thought she might not be a real person. Then again, I probably wouldn’t have changed my opinion if she hadn’t emailed me […]

the end?

could this be the end of Ashley Morgan on Upstart Blogger?  well, certainly Upstart Blogger isn’t going anywhere.  i have my doubts whether any actual funds changed hands during the recent “sale” of upstartblogger.com, so i doubt that he’d just give up on a $14k investment.  and we’ve seen this before (and by “we” i […]