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  • R U Ready via @VeedubGeezer

    R U Ready via @VeedubGeezer

  • Random Song of the Day #16

    This RSotD is cheating a bit.  It’s me.  This is a remix of @artfulmark’s new Coffee Break demo (which you should also check out).  You should check out the other remixes of Coffee Break, too. ArtfulMark – Coffee Break (jazzs3quence’s glitched-out remix) by jazzs3quence

  • Random Song of the Day #10

    Sick of the @artfulmark random songs yet? I’m not. I can’t think of an album I’ve looked forward to more than this new one from The Artful Dodger. This track features @cydneymarieuk on vocals and shows you how 3/4 can still groove. Beat Harder by artfulmark

  • Random Song of the Day #9

    Speaking of random song of the day, here’s another new demo from @artfulmark.  I can’t wait for the new Artful Dodger album to drop. New Design by artfulmark

  • Random Song of the Day #7

    Somehow, @artfulmark aka Mark Hill aka The Artful Dodger started following me on Twitter.  This is literally the first time someone that I’m a fan of started following me instead of the other way around.  Consider my mind blown.  Possibly it has something to do with my RSotD yesterday.  At any rate, this is a…

  • Random Song of the Day #6

    I know it’s out of character from my normal fare of doom and gloom music, but I just can’t help bouncing in my seat whenever I listen to anything by The Artful Dodger… [audio:rsotd6.mp3]

  • teh s3quence, version 3

    it’s been a while since i posted or did one of these and i tweeted probably over a week ago that i wanted to do a hip-hop mix next time around, so i got around to doing it.  it’s longer by far than the others, and it only has a few minor effups (well, one…