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  • What is Net Neutrality and why should I care

    Today I’m at the OpenWest conference, but today is also a day that — if you noticed the pop up that appeared when you loaded this site — websites and organizations all over the world (including my employer, Human Made) are taking a stand in support of Net Neutrality. There’s a battle being waged but…

  • Cat Signal update

    I released an update to the Cat Signal plugin that fixes some issues that were introduced in the last update. If you’re using it, make sure you update before the campaign tomorrow. Internet Defense League Cat Signal

  • July 4th: Protest NSA Spying

    On the 4th the Internet Defense League is launching the Cat Signal in protest of PRISM and NSA spying on American citizens. Seems like a good time to download my Cat Signal plugin for WordPress, if you haven’t already. Thunderclap: July 4th: Protest NSA Spying.

  • Developing for a greater cause

    Developing for a greater cause

    So, for a number of years, I’ve had a sort of rule: “don’t do work for free.” There are a number of caveats to this. Doing stuff for myself or my own projects would technically be working for free, but maybe I’m doing it to figure out how to do a new thing in WordPress or development…

  • Cat Signal

    Cat Signal

    Last year, there was a thing called SOPA and a thing called PIPA and these things were bad and basically said that the way you do the things you do on the internet need to change dramatically. They were both written by a bunch of guys who have no real idea of how the internet…

  • Cat Signal on Post Stat.us

    Brian posted a link to Cat Signal on Post Status. It may not be the same thing (yet) as being Dugg but it’s still pretty cool. I still need to write up a post on how and why I wrote the plugin… Cat Signal: An advocacy plugin for the Internet Defense League : Post Status.