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  • Random Song of the Day #4

    Random Song of the Day #4

    This Plastikman remix from @slighter makes me want to DJ again, just so I can spin a set around this sick bassline. Plastikman – Ask Yourself [Visitor Seven Remixes] by colinc

  • Simple Gray

    Simple Gray is a minimalist WordPress theme we did a couple years ago.  Having not touched it once in over a year, with the launch of Museum Themes, we figured it was time to revisit it.  We’ll be revamping all our old free themes and officially releasing some of the ones we never got around… (read…

  • loaves of men

    the entire catalog of the once-great and world renown experimental rock band, the loafmen is now available in its entirety for free download. okay, i lied about the world renown part.

  • gwoździec – more happiness — full album now available on bandcamp

    gwoździec – more happiness — full album now available on bandcamp

    gwoździec – more happiness buy the album and get all the source files in one download, or just download everything for free from the bandcamp site.  really happy to have this out there for people to enjoy as a full album as opposed to individual tracks. [clear]

  • teh s3quence 009: lilah’s mix

    teh s3quence 009: lilah’s mix

    a new tradition i’m starting this year is to make mix cds for each of the kids every year.  i did one for G a couple months ago, and decided when i finally made lilah’s that i would post it here on teh s3quence.  so, here it is: 01 morphine, the night 02 poe, hello…

  • MusicIP Mix handles huge mp3 libraries better than WinAmp [Abandonware]

    let me get this out there: i love winamp.  i’ve been using it since its’ inception.  i used to listen to tag’s trance shoutcast station back in the day (tag is/was one of the winamp devs and was responsible for a lot of the visualizations that come bundled with winamp).  i’ve tried many, many other music…

  • teh anti-4th(of july) s3quence

    teh anti-4th(of july) s3quence

    i always make these playlists for various holidays that are the opposite of the norm.  so, like alien sex fiend’s “stuff the turkey” or the ramones’ “merry christmas (i don’t want to fight tonight” for christmas.  in that spirit, and in the spirit that dissent is patriotic (even though, for the first time in a…

  • teh (metal) s3quence, version 5

    teh (metal) s3quence, version 5

    i was listening to a mix cd i made of stuff i listened to in high school and junior high and the beginnings of it is all this old 90’s era metal that i was just discovering through friends and mtv, and it made me nostalgic.  nostalgic and singing along to “hangar 18” at top…

  • teh s3quence, version 4

    recorded a new s3quence mix.  sort of a mix with some left field stuff in here.  i keep going back to hip hop, i guess it’s just what’s in my head these days.  but i threw in some acid jazz and indie electronic/idm-type stuff, too.  there’s also some scratching, but only some of it is…

  • teh s3quence, version 3

    it’s been a while since i posted or did one of these and i tweeted probably over a week ago that i wanted to do a hip-hop mix next time around, so i got around to doing it.  it’s longer by far than the others, and it only has a few minor effups (well, one…