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  • click the squares. do it now.

    click the squares. do it now.

  • Grid

    Grid is a theme I started working on for my own site and decided to make it available as a free theme.  I wanted a dark theme this time around, and I wanted to play with the idea of having a grid background like Justin Tadlock‘s site and the optional grid.png background image you get… (read…

  • Free Calendar Wallpaper: Snowflakes

    A lot of snow and a little bit of holiday cheer has just piled up outside and inside our house and so I thought it would be a perfect time to use some of the fun experimental texture pictures of shiny colorful holiday lights we took last year. The wall…

  • TypoParticles // Experiment

    this video makes me feel like i’m on drugs. in Helvetica. Experiment with helvetica + particular 2.0 Music : “The Genesis Project” by Intense

  • you’ll have to wait for the book [rpm2010]

    it occurs to me that rpm came and went with very little said on this blog about it. i finished my rpm 2010 album.  it’s called you’ll have to wait for the book.  you can listen to it here, on bandcamp, or on alonetone, where my track 1 is currently in the top 40.  there’s…

  • loaves of men

    the entire catalog of the once-great and world renown experimental rock band, the loafmen is now available in its entirety for free download. okay, i lied about the world renown part.

  • gwoździec – more happiness — full album now available on bandcamp

    gwoździec – more happiness — full album now available on bandcamp

    gwoździec – more happiness buy the album and get all the source files in one download, or just download everything for free from the bandcamp site.  really happy to have this out there for people to enjoy as a full album as opposed to individual tracks. [clear]

  • gwozdziec: pounding the last nail in

    i’ve decided to call the gwozdziec album done.  it’s been almost a year since i first started the project, and it hasn’t moved an inch for several months.  my goal was to produce 10-12 tracks for the album, but rather than trying to drag out a project i sort of lost interest in, i’m quitting…

  • gwozdziec, track 4 and 5

    i’ve discovered a new method to creating randomized, creative commons-based music.  wolfram tones will generate an entire composition based on variables you define in probably every musical style known to man. wolfram has been essentially compiling a database of all knowledge, ever, and it is being used to power a variety of applications, of which wolfram…