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  • Visitor Seven – 0E++ (jazzsequence remix) on ACID TED

    My Visitor Seven remix of 0E++ (a @slighter side project) was featured in the electronic music blog, ACID TED today. Go check it out, like, share, and all that stuff. Visitor Seven – 0E++ (jazzsequence remix) « ACID TED.

  • teh s3quence 016 – spring mix

    teh s3quence 016 – spring mix

    After a seemingly long winter (it was, wasn’t it?), Spring is here again.  This is a collection of tracks that hint of the Summer to come and reflect the newness of the season. Teh s3quence 016 – spring 2012 by Jazzsequence on Mixcloud Tracklist: Eskmo – Cloudlight Gramatik – DreamBIG MJ Cole – I See…

  • Remix Wasp and Be Featured on an EP/Remix Collection

    We are having an open remix opportunity for jazzsequence‘s Wasp album.  Your submission could be featured on an upcoming EP or remix collection on Plague Music or a compilation on Shinto Records. Here’s the skinny Submissions can be in any genre and in any format All the included stems and clips can be used, or… (read…

  • I remixed Gregorian chant!

    I have an account on Indaba Music, which is sort of a social network for musicians, but — like many similar sites out there — they host remix contests to potentially get your music (or remix) on an actual album (for actual money).  A while back they hosted a remix contest for Daft Punk’s soundtrack…

  • teh s3quence – 011 – #BassLove4Japan

    I’ve been meaning to make a s3quence mix that had stuff from #RPM2011, but I was waiting until I had a chance to listen to more of the stuff that came out of it.  Then the earthquake/tsunami in Japan happened.  Looking at these pictures is mind-blowing, as is the constant threat of nuclear radiation for…

  • Random Song of the Day #16

    This RSotD is cheating a bit.  It’s me.  This is a remix of @artfulmark’s new Coffee Break demo (which you should also check out).  You should check out the other remixes of Coffee Break, too. ArtfulMark – Coffee Break (jazzs3quence’s glitched-out remix) by jazzs3quence

  • Random Song of the Day #12

    This is another one from @slighter from his brand-spanking-new (but actually old) free collection of remixes on bandcamp.  Possibly my favorite track from the LP.

  • Random Song of the Day #4

    Random Song of the Day #4

    This Plastikman remix from @slighter makes me want to DJ again, just so I can spin a set around this sick bassline. Plastikman – Ask Yourself [Visitor Seven Remixes] by colinc

  • teh s3quence, version 4

    recorded a new s3quence mix.  sort of a mix with some left field stuff in here.  i keep going back to hip hop, i guess it’s just what’s in my head these days.  but i threw in some acid jazz and indie electronic/idm-type stuff, too.  there’s also some scratching, but only some of it is…