Remix Wasp and Be Featured on an EP/Remix Collection

We are having an open remix opportunity for jazzsequence‘s Wasp album.  Your submission could be featured on an upcoming EP or remix collection on Plague Music or a compilation on Shinto Records.

Here’s the skinny

  • Submissions can be in any genre and in any format
  • All the included stems and clips can be used, or none, it’s up to you!  Want to write a completely original track based on the album?  Go for it!
  • Using your own instruments/beats/loops/samples is welcome, however any samples you use must be royalty-free or you must have acquired the rights to use said sample.
  • You may submit as many completed tracks as you like.
  • Send us a link to your track via our contact form or drop your submissions in our Soundcloud Dropbox.
  • Please get your submissions in by September 1, 2011.  If you’re interested in participating but can’t make the deadline, let us know — me may be willing to give you a couple days to finish your track.

Additional information

Wasp was written as a soundtrack to the novel The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.  While it’s not mandatory that you be familiar with the book, it might help to give some backstory to the tracks.  Wasp was composed using the concept of leitmotifs, using recurring themes and melodies to reflect different characters.  When two characters in the novel share experiences together, their leitmotifs play against each other in the music.  Rather than focusing on Mikael Blomkvist and the Millenium publishing group, Wasp, instead tries to interpret the events more from the perspective of Lisbeth, whom the album is named for.

Ableton users can use the original clip files.  For everyone else, the zip files include the full stems as well as midi files.

Track notes & downloads

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This piece introduces the setting.  The bulk of the novel takes place here as well as the mystery that the main characters, Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander set out to uncover.  This track serves to introduce the mood and setting of the rest of the album.

Download Hedestad stems

This song takes place when Mikael accepts the job to investigate the mystery of the disappearance of Harriet Vanger.  The guitar parts introduced in this track serve as Blomkvist’s leitmotifs while the string parts are the leitmotifs for Harriet Vanger.

Download Incentive stems

Lisbeth Salander is the central character of the soundtrack, if not the book.  This track introduces her leitmotifs which get used frequently in the later tracks.

Download Lisbeth stems

– The initial sexual assault
– systematic  brutality
This song has three parts, representing the two times Lisbeth is sexually assaulted by her guardian, Nils Bjurman and concluding with her revenge.  Bjurman’s leitmotifs are the heavy metal guitar parts, which transform into ambient synth parts at the end when he is being tattoed by Lisbeth.   The distorted squealing instrument (bjurman 17-Ambient-Filter Stutter) represents the sound of the tattoo needle digging into Bjurman’s skin.  On the album, the third part is isolated as a separate, bonus track.

Download The initial sexual assault / systematic brutality / I AM A SADISTIC PIG, A PERVERT, AND A RAPIST stems

Magda — 32016
Sara — 32109
R.J. — 30112
R.L. — 32027
Mari — 32018
This song takes place as Blomkvist is deeply involved in the research surrounding Harriet’s disappearance and the mysterious code he finds in her diary.

Download Magda — 32016 / Sara — 32109 / R.J. — 30112 / R.L. — 32027 / Mari — 32018 stems

I want you to help me identify a murderer
These are the words Blomkvist uses to entice Lisbeth to work with him as a research assistant in deciphering the clues he uncovered.

Download I want you to help me identify a murderer stems

Pigeon in a flowerpot (five plus three)
This song represents the a ha! moment when Lisbeth discovers the secret of the names in the diary, and finds more victims whose names did not appear in Harriet’s diary.  This track features modified versions of Lisbeth and Blomkvist’s leitmotifs as they are doing research as well as instruments and melodies representing the deaths of the victims.

Download Pigeon in a flowerpot (five plus three) stems

Mildly irritated
This is the scene in which Lisbeth and Mikael make love and Lisbeth realizes she might have feelings for him.

Download Mildly irritated stems

Opening the door to hell
Mikael and Lisbeth, separately, uncover the murderer, but not before he finds Blomkvist and forces him into the underground cell designed for torturing and murdering his victims.

Download Opening the door to hell stems

Anita Cochran
Harriet Vanger is not dead, and makes a return to her country and her family after Blomkvist tracks her down.

Download Anita Cochran stems