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  • WordPress Featured in Wall Street Journal

    Matt talking to the Wall Street Journal on the success of WordPress as a platform. WordPress Featured in Wall Street Journal « Lorelle on WordPress.

  • Jazz Quotes

    Matt Mullenweg (co-creator of WordPress and founder of Automattic) has launched a new site devoted to quotes from jazz musicians.  It’s freaking awesome and embodies pretty much everything I like about the movement (it is part of my pseudonym after all).  Check it out: Jazz Quotes.

  • WordPress isn’t a commercial success…wait, what?

    Read this.  Then come back.  It’s okay, I’ll wait. WordPress.com Blogs Garnered 23 Billion Pageviews in 2010 It’s the last paragraph the bugs me. The five-year-old company may be experiencing remarkable growth, but it has yet to become a commercial success. The startup reportedly makes around $1 million per month from premium and hosting services,…

  • That Thesis Thing

    Update 7/22/2010: Thesis adopts the GPL! Over the last few days, the WordPress community has exploded into debate over one thing: Thesis and it’s restrictive, non-GPL-compliant license.  If you’re already familiar with the particulars of what Thesis is and what the debate is, you can skip the summary (to be honest, I’m sick of reading… (read…

  • WordCamp Utah

    Seek and ye shall find… I’ve been interested in attending a WordCamp for a long time.  More so after I saw Matt’s keynote at WordCamp SF.  I’ve been casually looking for a Salt Lake City or Utah WordCamp ever since I stumbled upon the whole WordCamp concept and found that there was one coming up…

  • matt’s state of the word

    matt mullenweg’s keynote speech from WordCampSF 2010 https://videopress.com/v/wp-content/plugins/video/flvplayer.swf?ver=1.21 p.s. i’m a shameless matt mullenweg fanboy

  • planning a new attack on the design

    i’ve been thinking about hacking the site design again. now that i’ve got the lifestream set up and i’ve seen how it looks in use, i’m thinking of moving things around to make things feel a bit more cohesive and less random. maybe emphasize the “this is what i’m doing right this second” aspect of…