WordCamp Utah

Seek and ye shall find…

I’ve been interested in attending a WordCamp for a long time.  More so after I saw Matt’s keynote at WordCamp SF.  I’ve been casually looking for a Salt Lake City or Utah WordCamp ever since I stumbled upon the whole WordCamp concept and found that there was one coming up that summer (in Provo — a couple hours drive).  I have been hoping that there’d be another one that would actually come to SLC (there are a lot of web designers and developer types here), and every time we drive by the Salt Palace (which is frequently).  Last night, on one such routine search (I don’t remember now what made me go to the WordCamp site in the first place), I discovered an unfinished Utah WordCamp page that, at least, indicated there would be one coming soon.  I left a comment, and received a reply from (what I take to be) the guy organizing the shindig, Joseph Scott.  That led me to the announcement he made on his blog, and the official 2010 Utah WordCamp site.

WordCamp is officially coming to Salt Lake August 28th at the University of Utah.  It’s still in the very early stages of planning right now, but I would feel stupid (considering about 90% of what we do these days is WordPress) if I didn’t do something to help out.  And volunteering means you get to go, right?





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