planning a new attack on the design

i’ve been thinking about hacking the site design again. now that i’ve got the lifestream set up and i’ve seen how it looks in use, i’m thinking of moving things around to make things feel a bit more cohesive and less random. maybe emphasize the “this is what i’m doing right this second” aspect of the lifestream. my main goal is to split off the posts from the stream so they appear on their own and don’t get automatically buried by tweets or tracks played on it was sort of my original intent, it was just executed badly (read: not really at all and then forgotten), and i can’t really expect everyone to click over to the blog tab, as much as i’d like them to. i’ve also been thinking about changing the formatting of the lifestream posts. just some minor tweaks to some stuff that’s been bugging me that i’ve been staring at, especially since getting feedback about the concept from matt mullenweg some of which is repeated at the end of his recent micro/megablogging post.

apparently i also need to address the fact that my archives are lacking older/newer posts links…





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