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  • Random Song of the Day #21: HORRORFALL covers KMFDM

    Random Song of the Day #21: HORRORFALL covers KMFDM

    Is this a BATTLE of the ALL CAPS BANDS?  Well, maybe, but it’s also a new (and for a limited time, downloadable) track from your favorite indie industrial project from the City of Angels, @HORRORFALL (if they aren’t, they should be).  This was one of the first KMFDM tracks I ever heard (besides, maybe “A…

  • notes on a new album

    notes on a new album

    Things being tight in this economy, e & I decided not to buy anything for each other for Christmas but instead make things for each other.  The only thing I felt competent enough to make (without doing something lame like a website or a desktop wallpaper or something) was music, so I pushed out a…

  • Random Song of the Day #6

    I know it’s out of character from my normal fare of doom and gloom music, but I just can’t help bouncing in my seat whenever I listen to anything by The Artful Dodger… [audio:rsotd6.mp3]

  • Random Song of the Day #5

    Random Song of the Day #5

    I’ve been listening to this album in the car.  Something about Nick Cave singing in falsetto like a southern blues singer just tickles me. [audio:rsotd5.mp3]

  • Random Song of the Day #4

    Random Song of the Day #4

    This Plastikman remix from @slighter makes me want to DJ again, just so I can spin a set around this sick bassline. Plastikman – Ask Yourself [Visitor Seven Remixes] by colinc

  • Random Song of the Day #-1

    Random Song of the Day #-1

    Continuing with the non-linear numbering system, I thought I’d include a song that sort of seemed to fit the day the other day, which planted the seed for the song of the day meme… [audio:rsotd-1.mp3]

  • Random Song of the Day #0

    Random Song of the Day #0

    The first of anything is always depressing.  If you never continue with whatever it is, that #1 is just staring at you, taunting.  So, I had this idea of doing a “random song of the day” thinking that it would be pretty cool, be a way to share the music I love and what I’m…

  • teh s3quence: 010 — halloween

    teh s3quence: 010 — halloween

    It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, so, with the best holiday (especially when it comes to music) coming along, it seemed the right time.  This mix is 90 minutes of spooky tracks to get your demonic groove on to. 1 – Rob Zombie, Living Dead Girl 2 – GraveDiggaz, Diary…

  • Lady Gaga doesn’t care if you steal her stuff as long as you go to her shows

    I’m blissfully out of touch with most of what could be considered modern “pop” music, so I have very little opinion about Lady Gaga, per se, other than the fact that she seems a bit like an insane, overblown hybrid of Madonna and Britney Spears at their peaks.  That said, she says some things about…

  • Review: Black Pepper Sea – Charcoal Essex Park

    RPM is a couple months gone and I still haven’t gotten to listen to nearly as much of what came out of it as I would have liked.  However, one album that was recommended on the RPM forums was Charcoal Essex Park by Black Pepper Sea.  Working in the yard today, I loaded up my…