Lady Gaga doesn’t care if you steal her stuff as long as you go to her shows

I’m blissfully out of touch with most of what could be considered modern “pop” music, so I have very little opinion about Lady Gaga, per se, other than the fact that she seems a bit like an insane, overblown hybrid of Madonna and Britney Spears at their peaks.  That said, she says some things about being a recording artist that, ahem, I’ve said myself on this blog.  In fact, it’s something I often get on my soapbox about.  In a recent article, Lady Gaga talks a bit about why she doesn’t have a problem with people stealing her music:

“I hate big acts that just throw an album out against the wall, like ‘BUY IT! F YOU!’ It’s mean to fans. You should go out and tour it to your fans in India, Japan, the UK. I don’t believe in how the music industry is today. I believe in how it was in 1982.”

She explains she doesn’t mind about people downloading her music for free, “because you know how much you can earn off touring, right? Big artists can make anywhere from $40 million [£28 million] for one cycle of two years’ touring. Giant artists make upwards of $100 million. Make music – then tour. It’s just the way it is today.”

Come party with Lady Gaga – Times Online via @isohunt

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