[RPM2011] Tracklist

What I don’t mention in this video blog (but I did on my blog on The RPM Challenge) is that I’ve also decided on a title for the album, Wasp.  You can head over there if you want the full description, I’m too lazy to repost something I’ve already written here. Also, an interesting thing… Continue reading [RPM2011] Tracklist

Why dual-boot Linux when you can run it from a USB flash drive?

I’ve been a sideline fan of Linux for a long time.  My very first experience with it was buying one of those 800 page, dictionary-sized technical manuals for Linux which came with Red Hat, Slackware and Caldera.  I effectively destroyed my Windows 95 box trying to get Red Hat installed and failing. After that, I was much more cautious,… Continue reading Why dual-boot Linux when you can run it from a USB flash drive?

A History of Bedroom Production — Part 1

Mark started his history of music production yesterday, and I thought I would follow suit.  I’ve never documented the process.  As I warned on his blog, my history is messy and doesn’t involve fancy equipment.  In fact, to a large extent, it mostly involves the cheapest equipment available.  But I’ll get to that. It all… Continue reading A History of Bedroom Production — Part 1


Mark’s blog (my blogging buddy for postaday/postaweek) got over 1,000 pageviews on his blogging buddy post which was featured on Freshly Pressed (the front page of WordPress.com). I’d like to be excited for him, but having seen this sort of meteoric rise in traffic on a single post in the past (one that’s actually not… Continue reading Jaded

[postaday2011] Why did you start?

Most of the postaday prompts have been, in my opinion, pretty much crap.  Not that I expected otherwise, especially since Automattic acquired Plinky and most of them are coming from Plinky (and you might recall me mentioning that I quit Plinky a while ago).  But today’s warranted a response, I think… What made you decide… Continue reading [postaday2011] Why did you start?

Blogging buddy

A couple of days ago, the Daily Post blog (that which intends to egg, nag, and otherwise encourage those brave souls who are trying to take part in the postaday/postaweek thing) did a post on “blogging buddies.” Basically, if you’re doing it with someone else, you’re theoretically more able to actually go through with whatever… Continue reading Blogging buddy

WordPress isn’t a commercial success…wait, what?

Read this.  Then come back.  It’s okay, I’ll wait. WordPress.com Blogs Garnered 23 Billion Pageviews in 2010 It’s the last paragraph the bugs me. The five-year-old company may be experiencing remarkable growth, but it has yet to become a commercial success. The startup reportedly makes around $1 million per month from premium and hosting services,… Continue reading WordPress isn’t a commercial success…wait, what?


It’s getting to be that time again.  The time where musicians vow to create and complete album of 10 songs or 35 minutes in the 28 days of February.  I’ve officially signed up, making this my fourth RPM (I didn’t finish my first attempt for RPM07 due to some overly ambitious goals subsequent technical issues).… Continue reading RPM2011